From the land of Sahti

Kuurnia boldly creates a new kind of sahti tradition by producing traditional but modernized sahti products.

We know and understand the traditions surrounding this noble drink and want to develop new ones while respecting the old ones. For us, sahti is a Finnish beer, which everyone should be able to make, regardless of where they live or their previous experience. As with things in general, beer styles also have tendency to evolve. In the case of Sahti, the development goes not only the renewal of the equipment, but also the experimentation of a new kind of recipe according to the modern raw materials and their properties as well as our era.

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Our kuurna's are like "a piece of art"

Every kuurna we produce is individually handcrafted from stainless steel and they are result of Finnish testing and design work, where the best possible quality and customer experience are primary goals. Kuurna’s versatile Tri-Clamp connection enables reliable and highly hygienic solutions for wort outlet. Lautering process is handled by a false bottom, which mesh size ensures just the right flow rate and experience.

Making sahti with our kuurna is a pure pleasure. Read more about our kuurna’s and join our story.

Experience the authentic wooden taste with our Haarikka

To spread the legend of Sahti at its finest, we have gathered the finest old craftmanship in Finland to produce authentic Haarikka for enjoying sahti and other bold beers.

Haarikka is a traditional Finnish drinking vessel for farmhouse ales. It is a symbol of sahti. In the past, haarikka was shared among a group, holding 5-6 pints. Communal drinking from the same vessel is rare today, and haarikkas have become smaller in recent decades. This haarikka holds one pint, which is convenient for personal use.

-Mika Laitinen, Brewing Nordic

What is sahti?

Sahti is a traditional Finnish beer style, which is made using barley malt and small amounts of rye malt, and less often also wheat and oats. Sahti is traditionally used with fresh yeast, which is also familiar from baking, and is often flavored with juniper or juniper berries, and sometimes also with hops. Sahti was protected as “Traditional speciality guaranteed” -product by the European Union in 2002.

On average, sahti is red-brown, sweet, strong, cloudy, foamless and non-fizzy, but there is great variation in the recipes. The average amout of alcohol in Sahti is around eight percent. Sahti is a fresh product that is stored in the cold and consumed soon after it have fermented.

Well-known beer expert Michael Jackson improved the knowledge of Finnish sahti around the world. Jackson visited Finland many times and, as a lover of local specialties, he spread knowledge about the little-known sahti internationally. In his opinion, the sahti was “the missing link in the history of brewing between Mesopotamia and today” and like “a glass of anthropology”.

The status and reputation of this noble and traditional Finnish drink should be cherished. We are proud to be involved in this work in our own way alongside many other operators. We hope you will also join our adventure for Finnish sahti.

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