Experience the malty heritage

Sahti is living beer history. Kuurnia provides the people of the modern world with tool to get in touch with this malty heritage. We are boldly creating a new kind of sahti tradition and combining startup life with the roots of our civilization.

Our tools to get in touch with the heritage are equipment for brewing and enjoying sahti, as well as our sahti courses, in which we passionately spread the joyful message of beer. In addition, we also produce content in the form of articles and videos to our blog. The mission of our expert team is to offer first-class experiences around sahti.

For us, sahti is a Finnish beer-style, which everyone should be able to make, regardless of where they live or previous experience. As with things in general, beer styles also need to evolve. In the case of Sahti, the development process takes not only the renewal of the equipment, but also the experimentation of a new kind of recipe according to the raw materials and their properties as well as our era.

You now have the opportunity to join our story and take part in the renaissance of sahti. This can only be done together.

Adventure of two beer enthusiast

    Juho Mรคkinen


    Juho handles marketing, sales, product development, customer relations, and day-to-day issues. Founded Kuurnia due to a love for beer and creating impact.

      Juha Sinisalo

      Brewmaster / Warning example

      Juha organizes sahticourses with Juho. Also as brewmaster and the oldest, he is a mentor of our adventure.

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