Terms of delivery


1.1 You can order our products via phone or e-mail, as well as online at www.kuurnia.com/en.

1.2 Regarding the order, the customer must always provide:

  1. a) As a consumer: Name, address, e-mail address, postal address, and phone number
  2. b) As a business customer: The company’s name, contact person, e-mail address, postal address, business ID, and telephone number/numbers.

1.3 Regarding each order, the customer agrees to the terms of agreement, order, and delivery, that apply to deliveries. 

1.4 Kuurnia Oy’s customer register is confidential and Kuurnia Oy has the right to use it in the manner prescribed by the Finnish Consumer Protection Act.

1.5 A registered customer can log in and order using their account. When placing an order, the customer can create a new account to Kuurnia Oy. The contact information for the account is added to the customer register. The customer can also create an account for themselves.

1.6 Contact regarding orders and deliveries via e-mail and phone

1.7 A binding sales agreement is forced after the customer has placed an order.

1.8 We reserve the right to restrict the sale of products in larger batches – e.g. due to poor availability.

1.9 Kuurnia Oy’s responsibility for poor availability of a product, caused by official or import restrictions, or if the order cannot otherwise be delivered is always limited to the cancellation of the transaction and the return of any money paid in advance.

1.10 All products sold by Kuurnia Oy are sold as they are. Please read the product description carefully on our website when placing an order. 

1.11 If a customer wishes to return a product based on the product return law under the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, the product must be returned to Kuurnia Oy within 14 days. Before the return, contact Kuurnia Oy’s customer service and act in accordance with the return instructions seen on our website. If the customer incurs costs for the return and the return has not been made in accordance with the instructions, Kuurnia Oy is not responsible to pay compensation.

1.12 In clear cases of product or price errors, Kuurnia Oy may rely on a mistake, for example, if the error was so obvious that the customer should have understood the existence of the error. In this case, Kuurnia Oy is in contact with the customer and the order will not be delivered without repair.

1.13 Kuurnia Oy is not responsible for any errors reported by retailers.

1.14 Kuurnia Oy reserves the right to select its customers.


2.1 The price of our products includes VAT. Delivery costs are not included.

2.2 Delivery costs are determined when confirming the order, depending on the delivery method and the price, weight, and size of the order. 

2.3 Product information for all products is displayed on our website. Returns due to product misinformation are free of charge and must be made within a reasonable time after the error was detected or should have been detected. Please contact customer service before returning and follow the instructions on our website.


3.1.1 Consumer payment methods:

PayPal and credit card payments provided by PayPal

3.1.2 Payment methods for companies and organizations:


PayPal and credit card payments provided by PayPal.

We use PayPal as check-out provider. This means that we may transfer your personal information e.g. in the form of contact and order information to the provider of the transaction once the purchase transaction has been downloaded, so that the providers can manage your purchase. Your transferred personal information will be processed in accordance PayPal’s own privacy statement.


4.1 Kuurnia Oy delivers orders with an average processing time of 1-3 working days, unless otherwise stated. The normal delivery time to a customer is 4-14 days. We aim to notify you if the product processing time exceeds 3 days.  Special orders or new products have a longer delivery time. Naturally, products that are pre-ordered have a longer delivery time. 

4.2 During the transport of goods from Kuurnia Oy to the customer, Kuurnia Oy is liable if the goods are damaged or lost during transport. During the transport of returned goods from the customer to Kuurnia Oy, the customer or the transport company is responsible if the goods are damaged or lost during transport. In consumer trade, Kuurnia Oy is responsible for damage to the goods in all cases.

4.3 If the customer receives a product that has been damaged during transport, the customer must immediately complain to both the transportation company and Kuurnia Oy. In case the damage is obvious from the packaging while receiving the product, an entry must be made into the transport company’s waybill. 

4.4 When the customer returns products to Kuurnia Oy, for example as a product return, the return documents and the carrier’s copy of receipt/tracking number must be kept. Please contact our customer service before returning the product and follow the instructions on our website.

4.5 Poor availability of one product does not obligate Kuurnia Oy to reserve other products in the same order. We require, that products immediately available in the order must be able to be delivered to the consumer within three weeks of the order, and the consumer must accept the delayed delivery or cancellation of the order for the poorly available product.

Registry description in accordance with section 10 of the Personal Data Act (523/99)


Kuurnia Oy

Lastikankatu 3 halli 10

33730 Tampere, Finland

Contact person for registry matters

Juho Mäkinen

Name of the registry


Purpose of the processing of personal data

The register is used only for maintaining the customer relationship between Kuurnia Oy and the customer. Placing an order does not require registration in the customer register.

Information content of the register

The personal data stored in the Kuurnia.com customer register is used in matters related to order processing, marketing, and customer relationship management.


Regular sources of information

Contact information will be saved when the customer registers. Other information is stored when the customer makes a purchase in the online store.

Disclosure of information

The customer register information is only available to Kuurnia Oy, and the external credit and billing services used by it. The information will not be disclosed outside Kuurnia Oy or for the use of partners other than in matters related to credit, collection, or invoicing. Personal data will not be transferred outside the European Union.


Registry security

Customer information is stored on a third-party password-protected server system that can only be accessed by our company staff.

The customer has the right to check the information about him in the register by contacting the registrar.

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