Haarikka is an authentic Finnish handmade beer mug. The volume of this handcrafted beauty is 0.5 liters (16.9 oz), and its traditional two handles ensure a genuine experience when enjoying big and robust beers.

This beer mug is a modern interpretation of the traditional large shared vessel. This haarikka is convenient for personal use or for sharing the drink with a small group. The sides of the mug have been narrowed for the best mouthfeel and experience.



Haarikka is a traditional Finnish drinking vessel for farmhouse ales. It is a symbol of sahti. In the past, haarikka was shared among a group, holding 5-6 pints. Communal drinking from the same vessel is rare today, and haarikkas have become smaller in recent decades. This haarikka holds one pint, which is convenient for personal use.

-Mika Laitinen, Brewing Nordic

  • Produced in the sahti region of Finland
  • Volume 0.5L
  • Sahti and other robust and malty beers taste excellent from this wooden beer mug.
  • Top-class craftsmanship and Finnish wood guarantee an authentic experience.
  • The bottom features the Kuurnia logo and the text ‘Made in Finland.’
  • Each beer mug is a unique individual.
  • The bottom is attached tradionally, and it also has a light silicone coating for long-lasting durability.

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Weight 0,6 kg

Pine, Birch, Thermo Birch


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