Return Policy

Dear customer, please notify of any return in accordance with the terms below.

  1. The consumer/customer has a 14-day right of return and exchange from the time of collection of the delivery package or pick-up order (including weekends and holidays, excluding the day of pick-up). The product must be returned or exchanged no later than the next working day following the 14th If the 14th day is, for example, Saturday, the product must be mailed or imported no later than on Monday. 
  1. The right of return applies only to unused products. During the return period (14 days), the consumer has the right to inspect and try out the product, the same way they would if they were to purchase it in a store. The consumer can also open the package to examine and try the goods without losing the right of return. The product can’t be taken into use, however.
  1. The right of return does not apply to opened unmarketable products if the ineligibility is due to damage/harm caused by the customer.
  1. Products assigned to business customers have no right to return or cancel the order.
  1. Returns by the customer are free of charge and take place using the same delivery provider as in the original delivery to customer.
  1. The date of purchase of pick-up is viewed as the date on which the parcel is redeemed or picked up from the carrier – or alternatively the date of the receipt. The customer is responsible for proving the day on which the package has been redeemed.
  1. Definitions of acceptable product returns:
  • The product is in the original package (well-packed) without additional markings or blemishes.
  • A copy of the receipt/shipment document is included.
  • The return has been made within 14 days after the date of purchase.
  1. For unjustified returns, the customer will be charged according to the valid pricelist.
  1. Kuurnia Oy reserves the right to send back inadequate returns at the customer’s expense.
  1. The right of return is always product-specific and any delay in the delivery of another product does not entitle you to a longer return period for another product.
  1. Delivery costs of returns made from abroad will be paid by the customer.
  1. We do not accept unpaid, cash on delivery, or credit package shipments (returns or warranty repairs.) Returns and warranty shipments are to be made by delivering the product to Kuurnia Oy by person or by customer return services provided by company that was used originally for the delivery of the product. Customer returns using the above-mentioned companies’ services are free for the consigner when used in Finland. When other delivery methods are used or the delivery is made from abroad, Kuurnia Oy is not responsible for any costs.
  1. When sending something to Kuurnia Oy, must the customer remember to pack the shipment well and make sure it will endure the delivery. Kuurnia Oy will not accept the return, if the product has not been packed properly.
  1. Incomplete or unjustified warranty repair deliveries will be sent back to the customer at their expense.
  1. For unjustified returns, we will charge the customer according to the valid pricelist. A return is void if the product is not intact, has run out warranty/return time, or the definition of return/warranty repair is not otherwise met.

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